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Architectural design can be a highly personal and subjective endeavor.  I plan for every job to begin with a period of design exploration, usually including multiple schemes and variations of a plan to make sure we are considering many different solutions, which always makes the design better.  Because I charge my professional design fees by the square foot and not by hourly rates, I can offer my clients both the certainty of a fixed price and the freedom to critique and improve the design without worrying about the cost.  Below is a description of the range of services I offer and the rate per s.f.

Full Service: Concept, Design, Planning Approval, Building Permits:  $10.00 per square foot

Including Building and Site Design with unlimited concept studies, Planning Department land use approval and Design Review Board approval, Coordination with engineers and consultants and local utility agencies, Building permit application, construction drawings and specifications

Full Service with no Design Review Board Approval:  $8.00 per square foot.

In some cases, your project will not need discretionary approval from the County Board of Architectural Review, the City Single Family Design Review Board, the City Architectural Review Board, or the City Historic Landmarks Commission.  In these cases I can offer my full services at a reduced price.

Remodel Only with Building Permit:  $6.00 per square foot

For projects that do not require extensive structural changes and do not require a Land Use Permit or Planning Department approval, I can offer a lower cost option that includes all permit application processing and construction drawings.  In some cases doors and windows can be altered or decks added with only a building permit.

Conceptual Design Studies Only, No Permits:  $1.00 per square foot

I can provide floor plan studies or zoning feasibility studies of new buildings, additions or interior redesigns for only $1.00 per square foot, which covers my site visits, zoning research, measurement and as-built drawings as well as multiple versions and plan revisions.  No elevations or construction details are included and the drawings should not be used for construction.

I charge the same fees for new construction as remodels.  However, for  remodels of existing buildings, fees are computed only on the areas or rooms involved.  Site design and all aspects of project management are included in the fee, and you can expect no extra fees or additional service charges in a typical project.  I have found that by charging fees based on square footage, my clients can plan ahead and know exactly what the design phase will cost, with no surprises along the way.

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