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After an initial consultation to discuss the scope of work, I will return to measure your site and building and research the zoning and building code limitations specific to your site.  I will then present concept plans to you in multiple schemes, to ensure that we are leaving no stone unturned in the search for an architectural solution.  I find that by presenting alternate schemes to a client, it becomes clear what the priorities for each project should be, and I get very good feedback as to the client's preferences and tastes.  I will then continue to develop the design with additional alternate concepts, each with smaller variations as we get closer to a finished design.  When the basic layout of the building becomes clear, I will then continue to produce iterations of the elevations and details through the use of 3D computer modeling and rendering.  This phase can be as short as two or three meetings, but I find that my clients' satisfaction and the overall quality of the design always improves with more changes and adjustments, and I am happy to continue as long as it takes until we have a design you understand and love.

When the design is ready to submit to the Planning Department for approval, I will coordinate all applications and required site investigations, surveys, soils reports, utility services and engineering consultants to gain all required approvals.  This often includes review by the local Architectural Design Board, where I produce drawings, renderings and other materials to get approvals and move on to the Building Permit stage.

With Planning Department approval, I will continue to develop small details while coordinating with structural engineers, landscape designers and other consultants to produce the construction documents required for Building Permit approval.  I handle all aspects of permitting and supervise construction as your representative.  Through this start-to-finish approach, we can ensure that your project is built to the highest standards and with the greatest efficiency.

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